You’ll take two of Polley’s tests, and then you’ll take the licensing exam

Licensing PA: What Tests Will I Take?Yes, two. Each course, Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practice, by state law must end with a supervised (otherwise known as “proctored”) test. You must earn a score of 70 or better on each to pass.

Don’t worry. Thousands of people take and pass these courses every year. You can too. If you do the reading, if you complete the assignments, and if you pay attention in class or online you’ll find the learning enjoyable and the tests won’t be overwhelming.

By the way … even if you took your courses online you will nonetheless take Polley’s tests on paper with pencil. That’s the law, too.

What happens when I pass? Or (yikes!), what happens if I fail?

First, a heads-up. Student requests for exam grades are not disclosed by phone or fax. We report grades via transcript only 1) to students in person, usually after showing suitable identification, 2) by U.S. mail, or 3) by e-mail to the address we have on record.

When a student passes Polley’s end-of-course exams, a printable transcript will be attached (as an Adobe Acrobat document) to an e-mail and sent within 14 business days after the exam date. Think of a transcript as a report card; it’s the document that tells the state you met or exceeded the courses’ minimum requirements. You will use the transcript when you formally apply to the state to take the third and final test, its licensing exam.

If a student fails the end-of-course exam (sometimes stuff happens, we know), a retake exam will be mailed to the student.

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