What should I expect in a self-paced online PA real estate or appraiser education course?

PA Broker Courses Online: What To ExpectFirst, expect to exercise some self-discipline. Develop a course-taking routine that fits your schedule and needs, if possible, and stick to it. We strongly suggest you open only one course at a time (even if you bought a package of two or more), and work at it regularly. Some students start with just an hour a day, every day … maybe before breakfast (if you’re an early riser) or after dinner (rather than watch TV). Unless you’re disciplined about working on your course, time flies by quickly. You can forget vital knowledge.

Second, recognize there are no shortcuts. Each course is approved for a specific number of hours. In most cases these are “seat time” hours, so if the course you choose is approved for “X” hours it usually means you’ll spend “X” hours in a seat in front of your computer screen.

Third, take advantage of the ability to “hop in” and “hop out.” You can stop and start in your online courses at any time. The course software remembers where you were last. You can take your courses from wherever you can get Internet service. Everything needed is online. There is NO accompanying textbook or study guide.

Finally, remember that you’re not finished until you pass the course final exam. There’s a tiny catch, by the way: some exams cannot be taken online. The state in certain instances requires exams be taken under the watchful supervision of a proctor, a neutral observer who has no ties or obligations to you. Once you complete a self-paced online course for which an exam is required, call Polley Associates to discuss scheduling your test. Polley can tell you how to arrange for a proctor and a suitable test location.

Does it matter what web browser or computer I use?

A little. For browsers, the Big Three – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari – all work well for the purpose. Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer have their ups and downs; we don’t recommend them. As far as computers go, you’ll need a desktop, laptop or tablet. Mobile device support for smartphones is available for many courses but dealing with their small screens can be problematic.

What if I start an online course and find I don’t like it?

Generally, we do not provide any refunds or credits for online courses.

Are their Internet requirements?

Yes. You MUST have a broadband Internet connection (cable or faster).