How do I know if taking a real estate or appraisal education course in a self-paced, online format is right for me?

It depends on what you’re comfortable with.

Online Courses: Are They Right For You?PRO: Let’s start with the basics. You’re plugged into the cloud. You know that Skype is not a tall building in a big city. You own a laptop, a tablet, and a smartphone, and you carry all three with you. You text faster than you talk. If you love computers and can’t live without ’em, online can work well for you.

CON: If you don’t use computers regularly, or don’t like to use computers at all, online courses may present difficulty for you. Avoid frustration, and take a live course if available.

PRO: If you prefer working in your pajamas while sipping coffee at the kitchen table, OR if you learn best only when the TV is on in the background and your favorite tunes are playing simultaneously (see, we know you better than you think), then an self-paced online course is worth considering.

Online Courses: Are They Right For You?CON: On the other hand, you’ll enjoy live classes more if you like the ability to network with friends and others in a classroom (physical or virtual), or if you want to ask questions of an instructor, or if being in a classroom environment “just feels like learning” (we know you pretty well too). A nice in-between? Maybe a live-streaming course is right for you! No commute, comfortable environment, but the live interaction of a physical classroom.

Are there ever times when online courses are a must?

Only one we can think of: If the schedule of live-courses does not work for you, or if you want to move at a faster pace than our schedule allows. If you have more questions and want to speak to one of our staff members about the different class formats, give us a call! (610) 353-6776

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