We owe allegiance only to our learners

Why Polley Associates' Remains IndependentYou may have noticed that Polley Associates is independent. No real estate brokerage or franchise owns any interest in our company. There’s a good reason why.

It means Polley Associates is free to teach legal and ethical alternatives to transacting real estate business, without having to bow to any single company’s policies and procedures. It means that, as a learner, you will not be subjected to any high-pressure recruiting. It means we owe our allegiance only to learners.

You may also notice that some colleges and universities offer real estate education. These are excellent schools, and many have impressive accreditations or credentials. However, they are NOT considered “real estate schools” under some states’ laws.

Real estate schools (like Polley Associates) and their instructors are strictly regulated and certified by the Pennsylvania and New Jersey state real estate commissions. Because it is a real estate school, Polley Associates’ sales license course content is pertinent to each state’s real estate sales licensing exam, and consequently increases your chance of success.

We Focus On Your Success

Polley Associates has taught thousands of men and women the art and substance of selling real estate. We would be honored to do the same for you.

Since its start in 1971, Polley has set and maintained some of the highest standards for course content and delivery in the real estate education industry. As a sales license learner, we think you’ll enjoy what we call “the Polley difference.”

  • The difference is in our courses. Polley uses performance-based courses that help students be confident, comfortable, and self-assured. We create strategies that enable students to achieve well-stated objectives. We match those strategies with detailed student and instructor materials.
  • The difference is in our instructors. Our instructors are chosen for their skills and expertise. They teach legal, ethical alternatives to transacting real estate business, not one company’s policies and procedures.
  • The difference is in our materials. Many of our course materials and supplemental products are developed by members of our own staff, with decades of experience in real estate, education, business, and marketing.

Performance. Results. That’s what we teach

Polley is really good at what it does: teaching people about real estate.

Our sales license courses (the ones each state requires you to take before you can sit for a licensing exam) are different from most others. Instead of spouting a lot of theory, we focus on your performance – the skills you’ll need to be successful in the marketplace, and the knowledge you’ll need to pass the licensing exam.

Parts of some live class sessions include what we call “Skill Builders.” These are short exercises that help learners understand lessons as they are presented, and help reinforce valuable concepts. The lessons and Skill Builders combine to create “Competencies.” We explain why each competency is important. We describe how and where it fits into a real estate transaction. And we explain how and why mastering each competency affects your ability as a salesperson to complete the duties your clients demand or solve problems that may crop up.

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